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Objects below are drawn to scale

Bracket part #'s 3800131 &3800164

Bracket part #'s 3800094 & 3801131

Bracket part #'s 3900165, 3901234 & 3901857

Miscellaneous Hardware

Objects below are not drawn to scale

Miscellaneous Hardware

Miscellaneous Hardware

Gusset Shims
Made from 0.020 Full Hard C.R.S.
Specify width when ordering

gusset shim

Casement Hardware

casement hardware sizes

casement hardware measuring

Specify arm length and spade length when ordering
Knobs sold separately (see below)
Parts can be ordered separately:
Mounting Bracket: 3900106
Long Base Linkage: 3900104
Short Base Linkage: 3900103 

Casement Hardware - knobs

Available in  3 lengths
Parts sold separately and unassembled
3/4: Lock: 3910085
7/8" Lock: 3920085
1" Lock: 3930085
Spring: 3940085
For knobs see left
Casement Locks

casement lock

Mast Stairs

mast stairs

Made from anodized extruded aluminum
13 1/4" height
6" width
Part number: 4000098

All of the items shown are also available in 3-D CAD models upon request

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